"Almost all children respond to music. Music is an open-sesame, and if you can use it carefully and appropriately, you can reach into that child's potential for development." Dr. Clive Robbins

Daily Structure/Weekly Themes

Preschool Daily Structure
9:00  Self-Directed Play Time and Clean up
9:10  Seat Work (writing name, worksheet)
9:20  Weather, Calendar, Counting, Letter and Number of the Day
9:25  Reading Time/Phonograms (letter sounds)
9:35  Practice Writing
9:40  Music Circle Time (Small and Large Movement, Instruments, Counting, Music Appreciation/Readiness, ABC/Reading, Singing)
10:10  Outside Play (Dress appropriately for weather)
10:20  Snacktime/Storytime (story read by teacher while eating snacks)
10:30  Creating Project (arts and crafts)
10:50  Math/Science Skills

2013-2014 School Year Calendar
August 28 4:30-6:00 pm  Preschool Open House
September 4 W First Day of School
Sept 4-5-Getting to Know You!- Letter A; Number 0
      Show and Tell –Bring something that helps us get to know you better
Sept 9-12- Colors and Shapes - Letter C; Number 1
Sept 12-Keone Spotlight
Sept. 16-19- I’m a VIP--Letter D; Number 2
Sept 18-Chace Spotlight
Sept. 23-26- Things that Go -Letter F; Number 3
Sept 25 and 26-Preschool Olympics Field Trip
Sept 30-Oct 3- Exploring Space-Letter G; Number 4
Oct 2 & 3 Show and Tell
Oct. 7-10- Color my World-Letter O; Number 5
Oct 14-15- Flavorful Food-Letter S; Number 6
October 16-18 No School--Fall Break
Oct. 21-24- Fall Fun-Letter sound qu; Number 7
Oct 23-Anabelle Spotlight
Oct 28 and 29--Field Trip-North Logan Pumpkin Walk
Oct 30-Oct 31- Halloween-Letter B; Number 8
Nov 4-7- When I Grow Up/ -Letter E; Number 9
Nov. 6 & 7-Show and Tell
Nov. 11-14- Taking care of my Amazing Body-Letter H; Number 10
Nov. 14-Jessica Spotlight
Nov. 18-21- I love Music!-Letter I; Review 1-10
Nov. 25 & 26- I am Grateful-Letter J; Number 11
Nov 27-29 No School-Thanksgiving Break
Dec 2-5- Kitchen Time-Letter K; Number 12
Dec 2 & 3 Show and Tell
Dec 4 & 5 -Field Trip to Lee’s Marketplace/USU Anthropology Museum
Dec. 9-12 –All about Numbers  Letter L; Number 13
Dec 12-Jacob Spotlight
Dec 16-19- Christmas Around the World -Letter M; Number 14  
Dec 16-Spotlight Isaac
Dec 18 & 19 Christmas Program for Parents at 10:30 am
Dec 23-Jan 3rd- No School Christmas Break
Jan 6-9-  Dinosaurs-Letter N; Number 15 
Jan 8 & 9- Show and Tell 
Jan 13-16- Winter Fun-Letter sound P; Number 16
Jan 15-Brock Spotlight
Jan 20 M No School-Civil Rights Day
Jan 21-23- My hands-Letter R; Number 17
Jan 27-30- The sun and my shadow-Letter T; Number 18
Jan 30-Sadie Spotlight
Feb 3-6- Friends of All Kinds-Letter U; Number 19
Feb 5th & 6th -Field Trip to Sunshine Terrace
Feb 10-13- Be mine Valentine-Letter V; Number 20
Feb 11-Gracie Spotlight
Feb 17 M No School-President's Day
Feb 18-20- I love America-Letter W; Review Numbers 1-20
Feb 24-26- Animals in my world -Letter X; Number 20-30 and counting by 5’s
Feb 26-Isaac Spotlight
Feb 27 Th No School
Mar 3-6- Families-Letter Y; Number 30-40
Mar 5 & 6- Show and Tell
Mar 10-13- Watch it grow & Sizes-Letter Z; Number 40-50
Mar 17-20- Little Helpers & Good Manners-Letter sound sh; Number 50-60
Mar 19 & 20  Field Trip to Lowes
Mar 24-27- Nursery Rhymes-Letter sound ee; Number 60-70
March 24-Spotlight Milo
March 31-April 4-No School-Spring Break
April 7-10- Circus-Letter sound th; Number 70-80
April 14-17- Western Roundup-Letter sound ow; Number 80-90
April 17-Maylin Spotlight
April 21-24- Fairy Tales - Letter sound ou; Number 90-100
April 24-Ruth Spotlight
April 28-May 1- Exploring Water – Letter sound oo; Counting by 10’s
April 29-Hayden Spotlight
May 5-8- Insects and Bugs - Letter sound ch; Review All Numbers
May 8-Kaylissa Spotlight
May 12-15- Zoo Animals- Letter sound ar; Review All Numbers
May 13-Avery Spotlight
May 14 & 15 -Field Trip to Willow Park Zoo –Please Bring $1 for admission
May 19-22- Graduation/Review 
May 21 Last Day of School and Graduation for 3-4 year old class
May 22 Last Day of School and Graduation for 4-5 year old class
*Times and Dates are subject to change.  
Both 3-4 and 4-5 classes get 65 classes for the school year