"Almost all children respond to music. Music is an open-sesame, and if you can use it carefully and appropriately, you can reach into that child's potential for development." Dr. Clive Robbins


These are some of the things parents have said about their experience with Music Train Preschool.

We have had our 4 turning 5 year-old in Music Train Preschool for this past year. He absolutely loves it! This is the finest preschool I've ever heard of. Heather far exceeds my expectation as a teacher. My son loves all the songs they sing, playing instruments, learning to count up to 100, learning to read, simple crafts, stories, games, healthy treats, show & tell, and field trips. I have been more than happy that we made the decision to send him here. I would recommend anyone to send their child to Music Train Preschool.
                                                                                                          --Allyssa H.  April 2013

My son has loved music train preschool this past year- he started the school year with multiple speech delays for his age and with teacher Heather's help & the social atmosphere at school he has improved greatly & is almost caught up to his appropriate age level. I would recommend this preschool for anyone who wants their child to go to a loving an interactive environment. --Leinani J.  May 2013

I just love how you keep parents involved through your blog and also emails/calendars. I love how you integrate music, and how each day covers every aspect of development. When looking at preschools I didn't want to send my daughter some where 3 days a week just to work on shapes, colors, and recognizing alphabet, I wanted more for her. And since at this age I get to chose where I send her I wanted something different, something that expanded on the basics and a place that would challenge and make learning fun. And I truly think I found that with you and Music train. --- Amanda Q. Jan. 2012

My son looked forward to each preschool day! He loved the activities and the music! I was also very impressed at how quickly he improved with his writing, letters and especially how he accelerated in his reading. Heather is such a positive and patient teacher! I started carpooling another little boy to preschool who was upset and withdrawn on the drive to preschool (probably a change he wasn’t used to) and nothing I said cheered him up. Upon arriving at preschool I was amazed at how Heather instantly calmed him down and had him smiling and excited for preschool within minutes! She truly has a special way with children! They all feel comfortable, happy, and loved. Music Train Preschool was a wonderful experience for my little boy! -- Lisa S.  June 2012 

 I don't play any instruments or sing, but I didn't want my son to miss out on that experience.  This was the first time I left him, and he did great the first day of school.  He obviously enjoyed it and was kept distracted enough to not miss me and not want to stay.  --Suzette P.  June 2012

Thank you so much for a wonderful year at preschool for my son!  He loved every minute!!  The field trip to Lowe's was definitely a highlight.  He was so funny when he came home with his bug box, goggles and apron.  I asked him if he got to make that himself and he said.  "I tried but the guy wouldn't let me use the hammer!  He didn't know I can use a hammer!"  I have really enjoyed all the pictures that you've sent.  

My son enjoyed the creative projects, the games, the music, and anything that he got messy doing.  He's already excited for next year.  You've done a great job of teaching him his letters, shapes and colors.  I've been amazed at the progress he's made.  Thank you for encouraging his curiosity while helping him to direct his energy. -- Laura L.  June 2012

I am receiving your emails, and I really appreciate them. I love knowing what you are doing with my girls. I talked to you about how K. has just flourished since preschool. Since that day you had the Olympic games I have seen the greatest change. It absolutely amazes me. She has always been prone to be a little lazy. Never wanting to walk with us, and preferring to just sit and watch kids play. She has always been so hesitant about her strength and abilities, such as needing a hand to go down stairs or being scared to jump off the couch like her sister. But after those Olympics you did, she has been jumping everywhere and off everything. She runs and walks and is so much more excited about being active. I'm not sure if she participates that much at school, but the change that has come over her since your preschool has been amazing! I am so grateful to you and the work you have done with my girls. K. also just loves it, and is so happy on the days she goes to preschool. I am just so happy with your preschool. --Cami G. Sept. 2011

Our daughter was really having a hard time being separated from me when she first started preschool. But with Heather's help and patience she has now overcome her fear and is a much more independent person. She learned so much with Heather and told me all about it when she got home. Heather is very organized and has great lessons for the kids that are filled with fun things to do. She is a great teacher and I love that she incorporates music into her lessons. Really great! --Rachel M. May 2011

My daughter has really enjoyed Music Train Preschool. She always comes home telling us new things she's learned and how much fun it was. I am so glad I found a great preschool for her to go to. --Veronica G. Dec. 2010

I love that she is learning to write her name and recognize other letters. I love that she comes home with "new" songs and is surprised when I can sing them with her.
My daughter loves the Music Train Preschool. She loves learning new songs and teaching them to us at home. I have been amazed how quickly she is learning new things. Before starting, she could recognize the first letter of her name and now she can write her whole name and her brother's name. She can also recognize numerous other letters in random words she sees. I love how much she is learning. --Angie O. Dec. 2010