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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why Preschool Matters

Some may ask is it really that important to go to preschool?  I say, for sure.  I'm not only saying this because I am running a preschool =)  but both my two older children and I benefited greatly from preschool. Here are some reasons I think preschool is important.  
1.  Preschool is good socially for your child.  Preschool often times is the first time child and mom or dad are away from a child for an educational experience.  I've seen Kindergarten children out in the hall for months with mom because they didn't want to leave her.  Children need to know mom and dad will come back, and preschool is a great time to practice this.  The transition to kindergarten will be much easier if practiced in preschool years.
2.  Preschool is good to learn to play with children their own age.  Learn how to share, take turns, contribute to conversations, and answer questions in a group setting.
3.  Preschool can help prepare your child to be a student.  Music, dance, and gymnastics are great but preschool teaches children how to be students.  Raising hands, not talking out of turn, sitting tall in their chair, listen to teacher, etc.
4.  Preschool can increase your child's school success.  Studies have shown early education improve chances for children's academic success.  This is why there are many state funded preschools available throughout the country.
5.  Preschool encourages independent learning and exploration.  Children learn so much from each other, through play and observation of other children their own age.  If they see one child writing their name, they start thinking, "Hey I can do that, or I want to do that."  Preschool can foster creativity and learning by just being with each other.
I found a great article online about how to choose a preschool and the importance of it here.
I'm sure there are many other reasons preschool is important.  Add your own ideas in comments if you'd like.

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