"Almost all children respond to music. Music is an open-sesame, and if you can use it carefully and appropriately, you can reach into that child's potential for development." Dr. Clive Robbins

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Monday and Tuesday
Field Trip days—Wear warm clothes and music train t-shirt.  If you can put the t-shirt on the outside of a long sleeve shirt.  Bring a car seat or booster as well.  I will park my van in the driveway and I would like you to put your child’s car seat/booster seat in my car and make sure it is buckled in if necessary.  I do have a parent coming with both groups but any parent is welcomed to come with us to help.

Wednesday and Thursday-- Come in Halloween Costume—It’s a Halloween Party! Bring 8 treats to share in our costume parade.

Basic Outline:
9:00  Self-Directed Play Time and Clean up
9:10  Seat Work (writing name, worksheet)
9:20  Weather, Calendar, Counting, Letter and Number of the Day
9:25  Reading Time/Phonograms (letter sounds)
9:30  Music Circle Time
Hello Song
Instruments—The Addams Family with bells
Social—“What are you going to be on Halloween Night?”
Counting—Spider has 8 legs
Music Appreciation/Readiness—Major and Minor sounds
Small and Large Movement Skills—Monster Mash
ABC/Reading—Musical Chairs w/ ABC’s & This is Halloween
Singing—Child Chooses Songs—Teach Have you seen the Ghost of John/ I’m a mean old witch
10:00  Outside Play-Bean Bag Toss
10:10  Snacktime/Storytime (story read by teacher while eating snacks)
10:20  Creating Project (arts and crafts) decorate your own Halloween sugar cookie
10:45  Halloween Parade
10:55  Clean up and Goodbye Song
Announcements:  Don’t forget on Monday and Tuesday we are going on a field trip so where music train t-shirts under a long sleeve shirt to stay warm.  Wednesday and Thursday come in costumes for our Halloween Costume Party.  Also bring 8 treats to share with classmates.
Home Challenge:  Routine is very important in a preschooler’s day.  A routine will help your child feel safe and secure in his environment.  But in setting a routine remember that it serves you and your child and it can change daily depending on your and your children's needs.  I have a great book that helps prepare children emotionally, physically, and mentally for kindergarten.  The book is called On Becoming Preschoolwise,  By Gary Ezzo. In making a schedule for your day he suggests, “Taking a sheet of paper and dividing it into half-hour our hour increments.  Start planning each day keeping in mind that the weekends are less structured than weekdays.  (They give sample schedules in the back) Know that once you get your children’s schedules under control, you will easily find time to manage the rest of your day.”  Some of the activities that are suggested for preschooler is room time and playtime activities including painting, drawing, coloring, puzzles, and more.  There is also school time, sit alone time, rest time, reading time with mom, and even electronic play.    When you have multiple children it can be hard to give each one individual time with mom and dad.  He gives great suggestions on how to manage the time.  Once children have a little more structure and individual time with mom and dad behavior improves because they know what is expected of them during the day.   You can also have time to do what you need to get done as well.  If you want to borrow this book let me know.  You may also find it at the local library.

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