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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free Development Information

Have you ever visited the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Website (CDC)?  I had no idea that this was such a great tool for parents and educators.  It is a very comprehensive website so here is a link that will take you to a spot you might enjoy.
The following is the path:
Go to www.cdc.gov
Click on Life Stages and Populations
The next page lets you click on the stage you are interested in.  I clicked on Parents
Then it has four sections: Pregnancy, Infant & Toddlers, Children, Teens.
Within the Infant and Toddlers section they have each ages developmental milestones, Growth charts, immunization schedules and more.
There is a section of free materials that could be helpful.  You can place a free order to be sent by mail or most of the materials can be downloaded onto your computer.  There is also whole section of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention materials.
Just to keep in mind when you are looking at developmental milestones is every child is different in how they develop.  These milestones are given only as a guide.  Do not panic if your child hasn't hit every milestone perfectly to the book.  If you are concerned that your child is not developing in an area where most of the children his or her age, talk to your pediatrician about the delay.  Your doctor can assess the situation and give you some guidance.  Slipping backwards in almost any developmental area is of major concern and should be discussed immediately with your primary care giver. Children may exhibit regressive behavior due to any major change such as divorce, illness, death, abuse, or neglect.
 The best help you can give your child with a delay is early evaluation and treatment. Besides help from your pediatrician you may want to look to other help such as the "Up to 3" program at Utah State University.  Once they are three the school districts can help provide services to developmental delays.    

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