"Almost all children respond to music. Music is an open-sesame, and if you can use it carefully and appropriately, you can reach into that child's potential for development." Dr. Clive Robbins

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm a VIP Week

This week we are learning how great we are! We are very important people and we can do many things!

This week we are saying and writing the sounds of m, s, and a (the sound we are learning now is just aaa sound like in the word "at", or "mat"). We are also learning to combine these into small words. We say the sounds slowly and then say it fast. For example. I write the word am. We say it first aaaammmm. then I say say it fast and they say "am" This would be a great thing to practice at home. You can do this with really any word. You can say for example, "motor, boat" then ask them to say it fast "motorboat" This will help them so much with reading later on.

We will also learn this week a new letter "e" (we are just learning the long eeee sound for now)

Arts and Crafts: We are painting with people sponges. They can create their own people with heads, feet, shirts, pants, hats etc. The other craft is creating a "Favorite's Collage" They will pick out favorite things from magazines and cut and glue them on their paper. Then they can share with the class their favorite things they found. If you have any extra magazines laying around that you could send we would really appreciate it.

In music time this week we are practicing taking turns by either playing instruments, and choosing movements. They will also get to do mirror dancing where they get to take turns being the leader and then also being the follower. This is a very fun game you can try with them. You stand in front of them and they can follow exactly your movements as if they are a mirror. Then take turns. You may be surprised how long they can do this for.

All our books this week are about liking ourselves and about how we are all important and needed. Here are My Hands, Imagine, I like me, Sometimes, Our Body, I was so mad, ABC I like Me.

I've decided to do the assessments in class during free time. I've done half of them so far. I have them write their name, I ask them to count as high as they can, they identify letters, and they identify some simple shapes. It takes just a couple minutes so I thought that would be easier just to have them one at a time come do it during free time.

Don' forget, the Monday Classes will have class this Friday because of Labor Day.

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