"Almost all children respond to music. Music is an open-sesame, and if you can use it carefully and appropriately, you can reach into that child's potential for development." Dr. Clive Robbins

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things that Go!

Sept. 20th Week 4- Things that Go
Preschool Outline for the week.
Sept 20 and 21st
Welcome Song
Music Circle Time
The Wheels on the bus (substitute other vehicles)
We can sound like:  Sirens, railroad crossing, cars honking etc
Row Row Row your Boat (actions and try round)
Music Choosing Songs
Math- patterning match ups
Creating Project-painting project with cars/trains etc.
Snack Time-Create sugar cookies with vehicle cookie cutters-eat
Free Play-outside play/car play
Reading/Writing Time-lesson 7 Learn letter t (use book)
Story Time:  Wheels, Things that go, The Big Red bus
Goodbye Song

Sept 22nd and 23rd
Welcome Song
Spotlight Camry for her birthday
Music Circle Time
I’ve been working on the Railroad-act out motions
A Bicycle Built for Two-pedal feet in the air!
Red Light Green Light with instruments
Alphabet Walk
Music Choosing Songs
Math-Sorting Vehicles in piles: land, air or sea -count each pile
Creating Project-create banana boats (take pictures)
Snack Time-eat banana boats
Free Play-outside play/car play
Writing Names/Reading/Writing Time-lesson 8
Story Time:  She'll be coming round the mountain, Little Engine that could, Cars and trucks
Goodbye Song

We will start daily math concepts and lessons this week.
Home Challenge/Project:  Put magnetic letters on your fridge or magnet board for your child to play with and to build "words".  I found magnetic letters and numbers at All a Dollar, it has been a great investment!  Help your child spell their name and simple words.  They can also invent their own words and you can help them sound them out.    Did you find time to read a story or two to your preschooler today?  Yes?  Great job!!!  If not, commit to do it tomorrow.  Reading everyday will instill a love for learning, books, and reading.  

Upcoming Calendar Item:  
  • October 11th and 12th we will be going on a field trip to Macey's Grocery Store. I will need one parent that can help me transport children.  If you are willing will you please e-mail me back.  We will also need you to leave your child's boaster seat.  

  • Week of October 25th-No Preschool.  Our family is taking a trip to Disneyland.  

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