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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Field Trip Plan--Notice time changes!

Here is the Plan--Let me know if you have any concerns or questions!
Thursday Group
9:45--  Meet at preschool and load in all carseats--remember to wear your preschool shirts!
10:00--Leave Preschool
10:15--Arrive at Pumpkin walk
11:15-- Leave Pumpkin walk
11:30--Pick up children at preschool
This is a short day because I originally planned to take this day off of preschool because of UEA and my school kids are home for the day.  But because of the pumpkin walk schedule we are adding this extra day so we won't have a fall break.

Monday Group
9:15--Meet at preschool and load in all the carseats--remember to where your preschool shirts!
9:30--Leave to go to the pumpkin walk
9:45--Arrive at Pumpkin walk
10:45--Leave Pumpkin walk to go home
11:00--Pickup up children at preschool

Pumpkin Walk Details:  The pumpkin walk is at Elk Ridge Park:  Address is 1100 E 2500 N in North Logan.  If you are meeting us there please meet us at the large Pumpkin mural entrance that faces North.  We will wait here.  I will have my cell phone with me--435-512-4193.   Call me if you have trouble finding us.  We will meet here at the end as well so you can easily find us to take your child home.

Last minute Instructions:  We want everyone in their preschool t-shirts so we can easily be identified and located if lost.  Please let me know if you are planning on taking your own child to and from the pumpkin walk so I know not to wait for them at preschool and we have enough seats in the cars.  Just a quick reply via e-mail would be great even if you have talked to me about it already.   Talk to your children about staying with the group.  I will also do this before we leave and put everyone in partners so we will stick together.  If you can be sure to take your child to the bathroom before you bring them that would be helpful as well.

Thank so much!  The pumpkins they decorated look so cute!  You may want to attend this as a family.  Here is the website with more information about parking in the evening.  

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