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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teacher Volunteer

I am really excited to have Rochelle Webb who will be volunteering her time to help in our classroom every Monday and Wednesday.  She will be a great asset to our preschool and it will be nice to have an extra hand to help.  She came with us to the pumpkin walk on Monday and I was so grateful for her help and I can see she is wonderful with children!  Here is some information so you can get to know her a bit.

 I was born in Ogden, Utah, graduated from Sky View High School. I started attending USU, when I met my husband, Scott Webb. We have been married for seven years, traveling around the world with the United States Marine Corps. I have changed my major a few times to say the least and found out that I have a spot in my heart to work with children and become a teacher. I started working on my education degree while we were stationed in Okinawa Japan for three years. Since my husband is deployed and I am staying with my parents for the duration of the deployment, school has been placed on hold. Once I move back to North Carolina, where we are currently stationed, I will start back up with my studies. Since I am only in Smithfield for a few months, four months left, I find myself wanting to get back into the classroom again. However, since my time here is brief, and I know how hard the hiring and training process is for a new school, I find that my best option is to volunteer at a preschool, to continue my teaching education. I have worked with children all of my life, from being a babysitter in my younger years, to working with CAPSA in Logan, to being a full time nanny for a wonderful family during my stay in Okinawa. I am excited to work with your children.  --Rochelle Webb

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