"Almost all children respond to music. Music is an open-sesame, and if you can use it carefully and appropriately, you can reach into that child's potential for development." Dr. Clive Robbins

Friday, September 7, 2012

Animals in my world!

Our first week went really well.  A note on the outline below.  The craft with the star is for the 3-4 year old class.  We don't ever have time to do all the music listed below and so I do some with the 3-4 year old class and then I do the rest with the 4-5 year olds.   Sometimes we do repeats if I feel both classes would benefit from them.
A word on my Philosophy:  I really feel preschool crafts are more for the experience of the child creating it  and not particularly something they will keep and collect for years.  This is why I choose to do a lot of crafts made from recycled material, and things you can find around your house.  This keeps my costs down so then I can afford to make my preschool less expensive.  This way you won't feel bad if you don't keep everything that comes home.  You may want to find a designated wall, magnet board, fridge space, or pin board that can display a couple of your child's creations.  When we get something new that doesn't fit on the board/wall the child decides which one we should take down to replace it with.
Homework challenge:  Your preschooler is learning so many new things right now.  Sometimes that can be overwhelming and they may get worn out.  Watch for signs of fatigue and you may need to adjust there schedule so they can get more rest.  I recommend all preschoolers take a quiet time during the day.  They may not necessarily sleep but it gives them time to quiet their bodies.  I like to give my preschooler a choice of a book and I read it to her and then I let her spend some quiet time in her room on her bed for at least an hour.  Puzzles and other quiet activities can be appropriate at this time as well.  This quiet time will help them increase their attention and self control.  This is also great for moms to have some time alone!  It keeps me a little more sane.  =)

Lesson Plan for Monday and Tuesday:
Self Directed Play & Clean Up—Animal Creatures Play,  Lacing Animals
Weather, Calendar, Counting, Letter and Number of the Week Letter: S  Number 1
Seat Work
Reading and Writing
Spotlights on preschool children-Keonne on Monday
Music Circle Time
Hello Song
Instruments—I’m going on a bear hunt—add instruments for sound effects
Social—Old McDonald—have each child choose an animal
Counting-5 little ducks
Music Appreciation/Readiness-Blue Jello Rhythm w/ Pete
Small and Large Movement Skills-Animal Action
ABC/Reading-Home on the Range—inner listening skills
Singing—Child Chooses Songs
Creating Project (arts and crafts)— *Playdough/Clothespin Horse
Free Time & Group Motor Activity—Cat and Mouse Parachute Game
Snack & Story Time—Animal Crackers
Math/Science Skills—Animal Memory Game
Goodbye Song

Lesson Plan for Wed and Thursday:
Self Directed Play & Clean Up—Mega Lego Blocks w/ animals, puppets
Weather, Calendar, Counting, Letter and Number of the Week  Letter S & Number 1
Seat Work
Reading and Writing
Music Circle Time
Hello Song
Instruments—Shape Instrument Song
Social—The Farmer and the Dell
Counting-10 little monkeys jumping on the bed
Music Appreciation/Readiness-ABC-Find me cards
Small and Large Movement Skills—Crazy Frog Jump w/ Parachute
ABC/Reading—Baa Baa “B” Sheep-each child tells me and find the letter of their name
Singing—Child Chooses Songs
Creating Project (arts and crafts)-*Animal Mural/Sheep w/ handprint
Free Time & Group Motor Activity—Duck Duck Goose
Snack & Story Time—Fresh Fruit (apples, plums)
Math/Science Skills—Sorting Animal Types
Goodbye Song

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